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This  february 10th in Ubud we witnessed an important cremation ceremony. It was a king’s cremation. The body of each dead Balinese must be burned so that their souls can join the spirit’s world. This kind of event is very important for Balinese people .
There are ceremonies for every stage of Balinese life but often the last ceremony-cremation-is the biggest. A Balinese cremation can be an amazing, spectacular, colorful, noisy and exciting event. In fact it often takes so long to organize a cremation that years have passed since the death.

The funeral ceremony is generally led by a priest and punctuated by a lavish offering of gifts. For the occasion, a large bullock-shaped wooden structure is built . The tower is carried on the shoulders of a group of men, the size of the group depending on the importance of the deceased and hence the size of the tower.


Carrying the tower

At the cremation ground the body is transferred to a funeral sarcophagus. Finally it all goes up in flames – the funeral tower, sarcophagus, body and the lot.

Bull on top of the tower

Apart from being yet another occasion for Balinese noise and confusion it’s a fine opportunity to observe the incredible energy the Balinese put into creating real works of art which are totally ephemeral.

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After some weeks of work,  our Health room is finished and awaiting our guests.

It turned out very beautiful.  You enter through a beautifully carved, Balinese wooden door.  This door was carefully refurbished and painted – it looks amazing!

Welcome to the Health room

The Health room features a bathtub, the walls are made out of green shimmering glass stones.

We offer holistic body therapies, individual therapy sessions as well as massages and body care.

Relax and enjoy your massage!

After the massage you can take a refreshing swim in our pool.

This is the perfect way to spend your day at Jiwa Damai….

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Nous sommes Raphael et Audrey de France. Jiwa Damai est magnifique, tellement relaxant et idéal pour faire du wwoofing. Nous allons y rester un mois.

Deux de nos projets sont :

Le premier consiste à numéroter avec de la peinture tous les cocotiers de la propriété, et ce n’est pas une mince affaire, il y en a  plus de 300.

Le second projet est de venir en aide à Ketut, le jardinier. C’est interessant de travailler avec lui, il nous apprend beaucoup de choses. Ça donne envie d’avoir son propre potager !


We are Audrey and Raphael from France. Jiwa Damai is a really wonderful place, very relaxing and ideal to do Wwoofing.  We’re going to stay one month.

Two of our projects are :

First, to paint numbers on all the coconut trees. It’s a big project, in fact, there are more than 300 coconuts trees in Jiwa Damai !

An other project is to help Ketut, the gardener. It’s interesting to work with him because he’s teaching us many new things.

This stimulates us to create our own garden back in France .

Raphael, wwoofer from France

Ketut, Jiwa Damai's gardener

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In our organic garden numerous beautiful flowers and trees and bushes are growing.

We took a walk through the center and photographed some of the most beautiful flowers we have here.

See for yourself!



Beautiful red flower

It is always a pleasure to stroll through the extensive garden. Each time you can detect something new, a new plant growing, another flower blossoming, a cute little animal crawling or flying around. ….



For people interested in the tropical vegetation, we offer guided tours through our organic garden. Just call us and schedule an appointment (min. 3 people).  Our gardener will take you for a walk,  explaining about permaculture and showing you the abundance of the tropical plants and flowers.

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We are currently constructing two new Lumbungs in our organic garden.

A Lumbung is a traditional Balinese house, made out of bamboo and wood. We build them in an elevated part of our garden, overlooking the pool, right next to the ceremonial garden.

View from the stairs leading to the ceremonial garden

We  offer these Balinese houses to guests, wanting to experience nature closely. These Lumbungs will  offer rural comfort and can accommodate two or threee people each. They are covered with mosquito nets and will have their own private bathroom.

This is our Lumbung Kunang-Kunang. Isn’t that nice?

The two new Lumbungs will look similar to this one……

Sleeping at the Lumbung

The construction started – phase one ……

Phase one of the construction

Laying the foundation for the Lumbung

We will keep you updated on the construction process !

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