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Recently we put up five new bee hives in the permaculture garden. We want to produce organic Balinese honey.

Jiwa Damai is a social responsable retreat center. We take great care of our natural environment and constantly try to minimize our ecological footprint. The organic honey being produced in the permaculture garden is an environmentally friendly product.

The bee hives are distributed all over our compound, high up in the trees.

Bee hive up in the tree

These are traditional Balinese bee hives.  They are made out of coconut shells wrapped with palm tree fibre.

Getting attracted by a secret sugar-mixture (we can not tell the ingredients ;-), the bees fly in through the little hole and (hopefully !) start producing honey.

High in the tree, next to the river

We also painted some signs  – so that our guests can spot them on their tour through the organic garden!

Come by and learn more about organic honey production on Bali! Jiwa Damai is located close to Ubud, just a 20 min drive away.  We offer guided tours through the permaculture garden and explain about biological farming and a sustainable way of living. Enjoy the tropical fauna and flora.

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Do you know how our coconuts are being harvested?

Bringing down the nuts is not an easy task!
Only few local men know how to climb the coconut tress and harvest the nuts. I’ve seen them climbing up the high trees, sometimes up to 30 m, without a rope, without a safety net, just the machete in the back of the pant, … a little monkey.

Made Sueca is a real acrobat. He is climbing to the top of coconut tree just with his bare feet and hands. It’s impressive !

Made Sueca climbing a coconut tree

His work is to clean the trees – cut the leaves and harvest the coconuts.

When he finally made it to the top, when he reached the crown of the tree,  he is simply ‘sitting’ there, supposedly very comfortable, cutting off the nuts with his machete.

For me it is amazing how a person can climb up a tree like this and then, without effort ‘sit’ there for minutes until all the coconuts and dead leaves are cut off.
What an incredible strenght is needed for this kind of work! Respect.

Made Sueca est d’une agilité déconcertante. Il grimpe dans les cocotiers à 30 mètres de haut et à l’aide de ses bras et ses jambes, il se retrouve au sommet en moins de deux minutes. C’est impressionnant !

Son travail consiste à élaguer les arbres, en coupant les feuilles un peu trop encombrantes. Et bien sûr à cueillir les noix de coco.

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In Jiwa Damai’s organic garden many different fruit trees are growing.

Look at these Papayas high up in the tree.
Our gardener Ketut brings them down with a long stick, he created for this purpose only.

Papayas in the tree

Check out our Banana trees.

The bananas

These bananas are not ripe yet, but will be soon.
And then our cook Astri will make delicious banana pancakes! yammi….

Here we see some ripe Jackfruit.
Jackfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world, reaching 80 pounds (36 kg) in weight and up to 36 inches (90 cm) long and 20 inches (50 cm) in diameter.
The flesh of the jackfruit is starchy, fibrous and is a source of dietary fiber. The flavour is similar to a tart banana.

Young Jackfruit

And of course we have lots and lots of coconut trees at Jiwa Damai.

Coconut tree

Besides that we also have guava trees and we grow avocados.

We’ll tell you more in one of our next posts!

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The construction work at our two new Lumbungs is advancing rapidly.

Within a matter of 3 weeks a huge progress can be seen!

Balinese workers building the new Lumbung

These new Balinese houses will turn out beautifully.

A wooden staircase is leading to the ‘top floor’ where our guests will sleep. The ‘ground floor’ will be the living area, a private bathroom is attached to the back of the house.

Inside the Lumbung

We only use natural materials to construct the Lumbungs – wood and bamboo. The walls are made out of  braided stripes of bamboo.

Our guests will enjoy an authentic sleeping experience in the middle of nature.  You will fall asleep to the sounds of quacking frogs and geckos – a truly calming sound and a deeply relaxing environment.

One Balinese Lumbung will accommodate 2-3 persons.

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