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At Jiwa Damai we place a high value on sustainable food practices and organically grown produce. We grow and eat a fair amount from our permaculture garden.

Astri, our very talented Balinese cook, prepares food with great care and love. We eat mostly traditional Balinese dishes here.

In this blog, we want to share some of Astri’s amazing recipes with you. We start with a very important dish in the Balinese cuisine – Sambal.

Ingredients for one batch:

  • 5 to 6 cloves of garlic, chopped
  • 5 to 6 little red onions, minced
  • Spicy: 3 red chilies, Mild: 1 red chili
  • 7 medium sized tomatoes
  • ½ block veggie stock (homemade is best)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar

Tomatoes and chillis for the Sambal


Peel and chop garlic, red onion, tomatoes and chilies. Combine in medium mixing bowl.

Heat skillet with around 3 tablespoons of oil. Add ingredients and allow to simmer. Stir occasionally, reducing the tomatoes down. Add the teaspoon of salt, continue to reduce until tomatoes are soft and juicy.

Remove from heat, add veggie stock and sugar. Put ingredients into blender, run until smooth. Most of the time at Jiwa Damai, we eat sambal with tempe and rice. It makes a delicious addition, however, to cooked vegetables or eggs.

Preparing the Sambal

Note: There are many variations of sambal in Indonesia, used both as a sauce, a dip and a regular table condiment. Variations include those with Kaffir lime, peanuts, or shrimp paste.

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The pool is one of our key features here at Jiwa Damai.
Of course, such a pool requires a lot of dedicated maintenance. It needs to be cleaned daily – its mostly leaves, fallen from the trees,  that have to be fished out of the water.

Wira cleaning the pool

Responsible for this task is Wira, our general coordinator. Looks like he is enjoying his work 😉

Cleaning the pool

The pool is filled with natural water from our spring, located on the grounds of Jiwa Damai. Since we want to keep the water as natural as possible, we only use a minimum amount of chemicals and only when needed.

The pool cleansing takes place early every morning, so that our guest can always enjoy a refreshing swim in a nice clean, blue-shimmering pool.

Have fun!

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Experiencing the tropical wildlife in our extensive permaculture garden is quite a spectacle. Jiwa Damai is inhabited by different animals crawling, flying and jumping around in the huge garden.

Today we want to introduce you to some of the little creatures.

The Tokes you’ll hear as soon as it gets dark. They like to crawl around under the open roofs, looking for insects. They make that nice sounds: tookeeee, tokeeee…..

Toke eating an insect

Our other noise-makers are the little froggies, quacking and quacking.

At nights, just sit back and listen to the beautiful concert !


Going for a walk in the garden , right after a heavy rainshower, I noticed some spiders weaving their nets.  – What incredibly talented  artists these creatures are !

Spider in the net

But we have way more cute little animals in the huge garden. Beautiful animals….. butterflies, colorful birds, snails, … ( it’s just so hard to take pictures of the birds and butterflies…. but we’ll keep on trying 😉 )

Little snail crawing around

It is a pleasure walking through the garden and you can be sure not to be bothered by too many mosquitos and flies.  The ponds and water have been exposed to EM-Technology and as a result the breeding of mosquitoes has been significantly reduced.

Come visit us and see for yourself!

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Today we want to introduce you to our staff here at Jiwa Damai!

All our employees live in near-by villages. In this way we want to contribute to the local communities by supplying employment.

Jiwa Damai’s Balinese staff, from left to right and from top to bottom :

Wayan, our night guard; Lana, responsible for all maintenance issues; Ketut, our head gardener; Astri, our cook (probably the  best chef on Bali); Wira, our coordinator; Wayan, our second gardener and last but not least Sugik, our junior administration manager.

The team gets complemented by Philippe from Switzerland, our guest relations manager, who is living on Bali for quite a while now and Simone, responsible for Marketing & PR, working from Germany. Watching over all is Margret, Jiwa Damai’s caretaker and guardian.

…. and not to forget our 3 dogs, Angrek, Salju and Blackie !

Nous souhaitons vous présenter le très sympathique staff de Jiwa Damai !!

De gauche à droite et de haut en bas :

Wayan, notre garde ; Lana, l’homme de la maintenance ; Ketut, notre jardinier ; Astri, notre cuisinière (la meilleure chef de Bali); Wira, notre coordinateur; Wayan, notre jardinier et Sugik, notre responsable administratif.

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