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Around Christmas time, Dr. Margret Rueffler ist holding a workshop at Jiwa Damai:

I, We and It – Aligning with the song of the earth

Mo 19 – Su 25 December 2011

Yoga class at Jiwa Damai

The seminar Aligning with the song of the earth” provides a space where a deep connection with one’s own heart and the heart of the earth unfolds. An alignment with the own potential and the potential of the earth in her present process of transformation takes place. A profound acceptance is needed, to see the symptoms of her movements as change. To align deeply with the heart of the earth and welcome the new.

Everyone interested is very welcome to join !

Experience 7 days of yoga and meditation in a very peaceful and relaxing environment, on an organic farm in the heart of Bali.

Included in the package is the following:

  • Six nights accommodation
  • Balinese breakfast
  • Half board or optionally full board
  • Welcome drink
  • One full-day excursion
  • Legong or Kecak dance in Ubud
  • One Balinese massage
  • Airport/hotel transfers
  • Three workshop-sessions ‘Aligning with the song of the earth’
  • Daily yoga session
  • Daily meditation session ‘Unfolding the HeartSelfIntelligence’

For detailed information on the workshop please visit Dr. Margret Ruefflers website: or write us an email:

Jiwa Damai - organic garden & retreat center Bali

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Balinese people are very religious and they regularly hold ceremonies and parades in their communities. They bring offerings to the Gods in order to ask for their good will and to appease them.

Wira, the general manager at Jiwa Damai,  invited us to join his familiy in one of the bigger ceremonies held in his village.

We, the foreigners, got dressed up in traditional Balinses clothes. Everyone is wearing a sarong. This is really the essential piece of clothing you need during your stay on Bali!

The festivities started with a ceremony in the local temple.

Ceremony in a Balinese temple

Afterwards all the people of the village set out to march to the next village, to the next temple to hold the religious ceremony there.

Ceremony walk

The whole march took about 6 hours in the hot Balinese midday sun! The group stopped at 4 different temples to hold ceremonies. It was quite a challenge to walk in the boiling heat for that many hours and for so many kilometers. But it was a very special and rewarding experience at the same time.  We, the foreigners, or the “bule” (how the Balinese people call foreigners) were the attraction of the group. Everyone eyed us carefully & curiously… but they welcomed us in the group with warm feelings.

The Balinese women were all dressed in their most beautiful clothes, carrying basket with offerings on their heads.

Balinese women taking a rest during the walk

And the little kids were absolutely adorable !

Balinese kids

All in all this day was a great experience!

At Jiwa Damai we offer our guests the opportunity to get in close contact with the Balinese people and to take part in ceremonies and local festivities.

To inquire about upcoming festivities and the possibility to join, write us an email>

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Join us for a virtual tour through Jiwa Damai’s huge permacultue organic garden.

Check out the beautiful tropical flowers and plants we have:

Balinese water lilly, opens at night, closes in daytime.

raindrops on tropical flower

Black water lilly from karangasen provence

Hibiscus flower

Orange flower

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In the permaculture garden we also grow pineapples. In this tropical weather they grow really well.
Once harvested, the green leaves are cut of and replanted.

Ketut and the pineapple

A beautiful one

Two beautiful, ripe pineapples

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This is a fantastic shot of a green caterpillar, crawling away in the permaculture garden.

Cool spikes !


Look at this beautiful praying Mantis. And she is actually praying – look at her ‘hands’.

The Praying Mantis

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