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Lately it has been raining a lot here on Bali.

Downpouring rain

The rains come all of a sudden and disappear the same way. The raindrops are warm but sometimes so hard that they destroy our young plants in the gardens.

The waters of the ponds become alive withe the rain drops dancing on it.

Raindrops in the pond

Saraswati our goddess of arts, culture and education remains majestically still, no raindrops can disturb her.

Saraswati in the rain

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Last week we discovered two large beautiful snakes on the ceiling above the dining area.

Sacred temple snake

After checking with the local priest, we were told that these are sacred temple snakes which usually only live in temples. He meant that obviously the energy at Jiwa Damai seemed attractive to them.

Actually they are nocturnal animals. Being concerned about our guests fears, the priest suggested to use burning incense to move them from the spot on the roof where one had gone to sleep. Low and behold, they moved away into the roof of the building.


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Our fertile lands at Jiwa Damai produce delicious tomatoes.

Fresh tomatoes

Since we can not eat all these tomatoes at once, we regularly process them into other products.

We use our fresh tomatoes to make Balinese Sambal.
We already shared our recipe for original Balinese Sambal in one of our older posts. Click here to read the post.

The sambal is cooked and then filled into plastic bags, sealed and frozen.

Balinese sambal

Another option is to dry the tomatoes (with our raw food oven). This is an excellent method to conserve fruit and vegetables.

Dried tomatoes

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These are just a few of the many beautiful butterflies that live in our gardens at Jiwa Damai.

Butterflies from the Jiwa Damai gardens

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