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Our vision at Jiwa Damai is to create a self-sustaining center, integrating biological permaculture with water preservation, waste recycling and application of solar energy.

We are constantly working towards this goal, adding new features to achieve more sustainability. 🙂

An important part of the recycling process is the composting of organic materials. We use cow dung, leaves, fruit and vegetables left over, wood, dust etc. and add effective microorganisms (EM technology)  in order to produce a healthy fertilizer.

Biological composting on Bali

Compost area at Jiwa Damai

The effective microorganisms are produced in this blue container.

Biological fertilizer, effective microorganisms

Effective microorganisms

The fertilizer, made from our compost is used for the entire organic garden.

Next to the compost it is our worm factory. The worms like to eat fruit and veggies. They don’t like spicy and acidic foods, such as lemons or chilis.

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Recently we relocated our bee family from the traditional Balinese bee hives hanging up in the trees to a more classical bee stock – square wooden boxes.

Bees in their new bee stock

Bee hive Bali

Bee stock

Here you can see the first results of the organic honey production.


balinese honey


Balines honey production

Honey production

We already manufactured the first jars of organic honey. The taste is a unique bouquet of aromas of wild flowers. Highly nutritious and is locally also used to put on stings and wounds for healing.

On our website you can see the results:  Our products



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Our ponds at Jiwa Damai are the home of many fish. Among them are some ten year old carps.


They love to eat Jackfruit and Algae. At night they often jump like dolphins out of the water and land back in the water with a great splash. We do not allow fishing. These carps weigh about 3-5 kg each. They have a gold colored fin on the top and a golden mouth.

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On our wide-spread premise we house several stone statues made by local Balinese stone carvers.

It is a Balinses tradition and necessity to put up stone figures as well as special offering statues/ places on the entire grounds. These statues are meant for protection and to keep away the evil spirits.

The lion is facing to the east,  guarding the entrances.

Balinese lion guardian

Lion statue

The elephants, female and male are the guardians of the whole place.

Elephant statue

Elephant in the garden

The water goddess is the guardian of the “Home of the Water Angel”, our secluded meditation spot in the midst of lush nature.

Guardian of the meditation spot

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