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We are in the process to integrate further areas into the permaculture garden.

On the picture you see our team at work, building terraces by using bamboo poles to frame each terrace to hold the earth in place.
Under the earth are palm leaves and wood pieces to improve the quality of the earth. It is planned to have the new growing  area ready in another two months.

Transporting the bamboo

Preparing the soil

new growing area at Jiwa Damai

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Our team and one of our volunteers, lovely Susann from Germany,  working in the permaculture gardens, and bringing bamboo leaves to the compost.

Working in the garden

After the work is done, we are all eating together with our team. The food was prepared by the wife of Wira on occasion of her sons coming of of age at 12 years ceremony.

Typical Balinese food

Two of our three Balinese dogs, Angrek and Blackie,  are looking on.

Eating while the dogs are watching

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Today we want to introduce you to our three wild Balinese dogs at Jiwa Damai: Salju-snow, Angrek-orchid and Blackie.
These dogs do not have the same background like our Western dogs which originate from wolfs.

They are pack dogs and our watch dogs, roaming free on our 4 hectare permaculture garden. Basically they are very difficult to train and they are instinctive hunters.
They announce each person coming to Jiwa Damai with barks.
They are not like Western pet dogs. Therefore we do not recommend to touch them unless you know them for a few days.



Angrek, the leader of the pack

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