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Some months ago we had to drain and repair our pond at Jiwa Damai, due to several leaks that caused the water to flow out.

After we had to rebuilt our high pond, the water quality left to be desired. Emptying the pond, we had lost all the EM which had settled in the nooks and crannies of all the stones. In order to get back to the old clear water we now treat the water with liquid EM (effective microorganisms). Each day a few drops dripping in, slowly but continuously.

The Bokashi Balls are made of clay and EM.

The handmade Bokashi balls in our plant nursery

The microorganisms like to settle between certain type of stones.So we distributed about 500 balls, all handmade under the stones in the water to allow the organisms to settle again. It reduces the moskitoes as well as keeps the algae growth in limits.

Ketut and the Bokashi Balls

So now we hope to welcome back the diverse aquatic life and beautiful water lily’s!

Our pond at Jiwa Damai

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Margret at Jiwa Damai permaculture and retreat center, where she takes care of all aspect of managing, running and expanding the gardens as well as supervising the teamwork .

Margret at Jiwa Damai

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A whole new area is being integrated into our permaculture gardens. We are adding to our planting area another 2.000 square meters.
The area is being terassed, turned over, covered with rice straw, covered again with earth mixed with our special compost and then planted.

New growing area

Presently we have 4 people working on the new fields every afternoon. We should be able to begin planting the first seeds wihtin the next week. Two large tanks will be placed on the downward slope to allow the water to run in the waterways naturally without any further aid.

On this picture you can see the beginning of the creation of our garden labyrinth.

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