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Permaculture Design Certification Course
with Rico Zook and Jeremiah Kidd
This is an intensive 17-days seminar, including hands-on experience in the gardens at Jiwa Damai.

The seminar takes place from Febuary 24 – March 12, 2013.

Learn how to develop sustainable systems which can be applied to all aspects of life through the observation and replication of natural patterning We will learn how to create regenerative systems that provide for our basic needs without compromising the environment. Using a variety of learning techniques and strategies.
Permaculture is presented as an integrated design approach to create a sustainable human habitat. We present an innovative approach through modeling the structure of Permaculture directly in the environment. The topics are presented through lectures, design approaches, guest presentations, group discussions, exercises, hands-on projects, photos, movies, games, and site visits.

Topics will include, gray water systems, appropriate technology, composting and nutrient cycling, water harvesting and storage, food forests and jungle gardens, natural building, alternative economics, aquaculture and mapping.
Our international faculty brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the program.

Rico Zook has been for the past 20 years a Permaculture designer, consultant and instructor, working with private individuals, farmers, villagers and local organizations to create culturally and environmentally appropriate life systems internationally.
Jeremiah Kidd’s passion is education in Permaculture, natural building and alternative technologies which began in the late1980’s. In 2000 he established San Isidro Permaculture in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a design and installation company focused on water catchment, permaculture education, grey water systems, native and edible plant landscapes, erosion control & land restoration.

Venue: Jiwa Damai Permaculture and Retreat Center is located on a four hectare property next to Banjar Bindu, Mambal in the district of Badung, Bali, in a small tropical valley. The flora and fauna are diverse, including coconut, and banana trees, ponds, a small river, plants and a jungle that is home to numerous traditional Balinese healing plants.

The course fee includes room at Jiwa Dimai retreat center, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, optional morning yoga, and optional morning meditation. Two optional field trips to other Permaculture centers on the island are planned and can be reserved and paid when registering.
All participants will be awarded a internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate.

Fee: International Students: US $ 928.00
Indonesian Students: please contact host for tuition info.

Contact: Phone :+62 (0) 361 898 8384,

Registration: please visit our Website

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Nature is just wonderful…

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For this years Galungan Celebration our head gardener Ketut built together with two of our volunteers the panjor which is erected at the entrance gate to Jiwa Damai.

Building the panjor

A huge Bamboo is cut and then decorate with all details along the stem and the top. A little alter is created to give offerings to the gods. The panjor remains put  for 3 weeks and looks very wonderful.

Tradition demands, that each house in the village  places one in front of their entrance.

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This is Soul, the first child born at Jiwa Damai. This picture is taken in Jiwa Damai at age 1 month.

The bay was born in a natural underwater birth, so called Lotus birth, where the placenta remains attached until it dries up by itself, which happened the second day after the birth. The Mom was assisted by her husband and Ibu Robin, a famous Balinese midwife.

In this picture one of our volunteers is taking care of the one month old Soul at Jiwa Damai.

Here, Margret is visiting Miquela and Soul, which had grown tremendously for age 4 months, in upstate New York.

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