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Soul was the first baby born (in an underwater birth) in the Jiwa Damai health room  in the Spring of 2012. Margret recently had the opportunity to meet with Soul and his parents, Miquela and Terry,  in upstate New York to celebrate  Soul’s second birthday.

sol Sol and Mom

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The lily pond got a makeover recently. Volunteers and staff transplanted new lilies and gave the water a thorough cleaning, leaving us with a cleaner pond and lots of good organic matter for the gardens.

transplant lilies 1


lily pads

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Our fearless Italian volunteer, Luca, tried his hand at opening the outer shell of our coconuts. The nuts need to be opened, the inner shell cracked, the meat extracted and then grated to produce our wonderful organically certified cold pressed coconut oil, which is an incredible health food.
There were about three hundred to be opened, and Luca managed to open over 50 nuts on the first day. We were in awe.
Luca coconuts
more coconuts

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Lilit, Svetlana, and Marina were three of our 30 women strong group, working for 5 days with dance and meditation at Jiwa Damai. All of the guests as well as the group leader came to us from Russia. They looked like butterflies in their beautiful and colorful dresses fluttering through our permaculture garden. We all had a great time together, team and guests. This is the second year they held their seminar here at Jiwa Damai.


Russian women 1

russian women 2

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