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As a part of their program at Jiwa DamaiKearene’s group from French Switzerland was also enjoying a permaculture introduction facilitated by our resident permaculture teacher. Some of the activities included learning to mulch. In the pictures you see different types of mulching. With paper, cardboard and with dry grass.

Introduction to permaculture at Jiwa Damai Introduction to permaculture at Jiwa Damai Introduction to permaculture at Jiwa Damai Introduction to permaculture at Jiwa Damai

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Our Swiss guests and Jiwa Damai was invited to the wedding of one of the village chiefs’ son. A very exciting and elegant affair. The intricate clothing and make up of the groom and the bride, the decoration of the whole house takes at least a month to accomplish.

Balinese wedding IMG_1690 IMG_1692

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The Rhinoceros Beetles are a problem all over the world because these beautiful beetles attack the coconut trees. They have already devastated entire coconut cultures in Spain, Mallorca, Hawaii and Asia. No solution was found so far for fighting them.

At Jiwa Damai we are trying several approaches in order to strengthen the coconut trees. After thoroughly cleaning the leaves, a deep trench is made to uncover the feeder roots of the trees. We use our best compost for the roots and  afterwards we cover it with earth. The following day we water the trench with our compost tea.

 feeding the roots with best compost

We also tried to place bamboo sticks about 30 cm upright into the grounds. We fill them with compost and water them with our compost tea. (more…)

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One of the basic things we learn in permaculture is to be self-sustainable. Therefore, finding out how to make a compost is a must. This way one can reduce waste and create a nutritional soil for plants.


The compost is created layering carbon, our dried leaves, nitrogen, green grass and ash and fruit scraps several times. It has to be turned every two days. Take care, it develops a great heat! On the 18th day the compost is done and exudes a pleasant soil like odor, ready to be used.

Compost at Jiwa Damai

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Sometimes plants need more than healthy earth. At Jiwa Damai we also try alternative methods of taking care of the coconut trees which are attacked by the Rhinoceros Beetles, among other strategies, like feeding the roots and cleaning the leaves.

For instance, as science has already proven that water is influenced by emotions, by words or by thoughts, we try to help our coconut trees by hugging them. We send them our support thoughts and we ask them if there is something they might need. We also ask the Rhinoceros Beetles to retreat because they are harming the trees.

Coconut hugging

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