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We are very grateful for the work of our volunteers at Jiwa Damai, in Bali. We appreciate their help and we hope that they also enjoy the beauty and the peace of our place. Here are the thoughts of Zane Leadley on the volunteer program. 

“I was a volunteer at Jiwa Damai for two months from September – October 2015. Jiwa Damai is a special place that fosters learning, creativity, and inner growth. In addition to working in the garden, teaching English, and promoting Jiwa Damai’s internships, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work on my own aquaponics project. I am very grateful for the opportunity. The food is delicious, the people are fantastic and the place is idyllic.”



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Sabine from Austria and Shannon from California are lovingly cleaning our Water Angel and the place on a little island at the end of Jiwa Damai walk ways. They have to use a brush to remove all the algae which settles on the stones and the statue.

volunteers in bali


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We are planning to build the first Earthship inspired structure in Bali, in the beginning of 2016. Jiwa Damai is launching a call to action for all the people who have experience in sustainable building to join as volunteers.

earthship in bali (more…)

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Our permaculture garden is looking very rich and green at this time. We had more rains than normal and the veggies and salads and fruit are growing in abundance.

Our local team, Kadek, Gede, Fendy and our volunteer Cedric are carrying the rice straws to mulch the beds. Cedric had made some EM (effective micro-organism) from scratch and we are now looking at the difference between the beans with and without his brew. The first plants are without, the second with. We would say that the difference in height is quite visible. What do you think?

Permaculture Bali at Jiwa Damai Permaculture Bali at Jiwa Damai (more…)

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We were happy to celebrate the Indonesian Independence Day with an Open House event at Jiwa Damai in August. We know that it has been a while, but we want to share some of the images with you! Our team and their families began to come around 11 am. We used the pool until around 4 pm and plenty children games were organized.

Open House at Jiwa DAmai  (more…)

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During August we celebrated the Jiwa Damai Open House day and we are happy to share now some of those moments.

Early morning balloon blowing in preparation for our Open House at Jiwa Damai for our team and guests. They were given to the children of our local team members. It seems that the adults have much fun blowing them up as many were exploding as well 🙂

IMG_1964 IMG_1962

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Tyron, our German volunteer is showing Catherine, our Canadian volunteer his freshly acquired skills: how to remove the outer shell of the coconut. Upon which Catherine, using the local tools tries to open the precious nut to get to the flesh and the water.
IMG_0305chatherine volunteer at jiwa damai
Find out more about our volunteer and internship programs here!

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