We, here, at Jiwa Damai are very active, even though it is our quiet period after the Balinese new year.  Our parking and entrance is being rejuvenated through some lovely landscaping. All bamboo were collected on our land and then placed into the river for a period of 3 weeks to increase the life of the Bamboo without chemical preservation.

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At Jiwa Damai we are looking for a flexible person with much heart, who wishes to do a  6 month  volunteership with possible long term job as a planer for our permaculture garden. 4 hectar, need to be able to plan timely for our needs, our kitchen and retreats and have experience in permaculture/organic farming.

Tropical experience desired, not a must. Needs to be able to lead a small team and work through empowerment, know about rotation of plants, companion planting, keeping our seed bank up to date . Our garden is created with much heart, and we do not keep livestock. We are organically certified and need an heart based person with experience. We expect the person to align with nature and our values and be de adaptable to the local culture. Please send resume to jiwadamaibali@gmail.com

You can find out more about our garden, on the Jiwa Damai website.



Deep relaxation

At Jiwa Damai we hosts groups which share their positive energy with us. This is a photo from the Sadhana Yoga Training deep relaxation. We were so greatful to have them training at Jiwa Damai.


The temple snake

At Jiwa Damai we are co-sharing the area with a variety of snakes. This particular one was found sleeping under a plastic cover at the ping pong table. Locally known as a temple snake it is usually only found in Balinese Temples and is considered a blessing by locals. Isn’t she beautiful? We are practicing here, at Jiwa Damai a great respect for the snakes. It is us who take away and penetrate their living habitat. This one is somewhat poisonous.

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Our Garden Lumbung from Jiwa Damai, which has housed many volunteers so far was badly in need of repair. We had to remove the beautiful alive cover of passion fruit. It was embedded in it and we had to remove the old wrotten pieces. Phillip, a German carpenter is undertaking the renovation now. The termites had eaten much of the structural posts. Since the last violent storm we had, several trees had fallen and after being cut properly they came in very handy to replace the old posts. We will keep you updated on the progress.


Cleaning the river

Cleaning the plastic from our river in the forest. Every two days, our local team and our volunteers collect the accumulated plastic which is caught in the net we placed across the river. It is then taken to the main road to our garbage container, where a truck picks it up every 2 weeks to take it to the larger landfill.

Cleaning the river at Jiwa Damai Cleaning the river at Jiwa Damai in Bali
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The cacao bean

The precious cacao is contained in a hard shell, which when roasted opens easily and unveils the cacao bean. We are growing now the young trees from the seeds in our Jiwa Damai Garden.