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Our ponds at Jiwa Damai are the home of many fish. Among them are some ten year old carps.


They love to eat Jackfruit and Algae. At night they often jump like dolphins out of the water and land back in the water with a great splash. We do not allow fishing. These carps weigh about 3-5 kg each. They have a gold colored fin on the top and a golden mouth.

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Last week we discovered two large beautiful snakes on the ceiling above the dining area.

Sacred temple snake

After checking with the local priest, we were told that these are sacred temple snakes which usually only live in temples. He meant that obviously the energy at Jiwa Damai seemed attractive to them.

Actually they are nocturnal animals. Being concerned about our guests fears, the priest suggested to use burning incense to move them from the spot on the roof where one had gone to sleep. Low and behold, they moved away into the roof of the building.


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Do it like the snail.

Wouldn’t it sometimes be nice to operate¬† on a slower speed,¬† leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and live life more consciously and deliberatly?

Jiwa Damai is the ideal place for such a time-out. Here on Bali you can relax in a beautiful tropical setting, enjoy nature and find time for reflection and contemplation.

The little snail

to be continued…….

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