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Recently we relocated our bee family from the traditional Balinese bee hives hanging up in the trees to a more classical bee stock – square wooden boxes.

Bees in their new bee stock

Bee hive Bali

Bee stock

Here you can see the first results of the organic honey production.


balinese honey


Balines honey production

Honey production

We already manufactured the first jars of organic honey. The taste is a unique bouquet of aromas of wild flowers. Highly nutritious and is locally also used to put on stings and wounds for healing.

On our website you can see the results:  Our products



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Some of our readers might already know about the Balinese bee hives that we set up some time ago in the organic garden.

Balinese bee hive

Bee hive up in the tree

We started out with only few bees living in these traditional Balinese bee hives located in different locations all over the garden.

After a few months we were able to harvest the first honey. It was quite difficult to extract the honey from these traditional bee hives and the men doing it had to operate with a lot of care.

(complete post: First honey harvest in Jiwa Damai)

Since then, the bee population has increased, thus more honey is being produced. To give more space to the bees and to facilitate our honey production, we decided to move the bee family from the traditional Balinese bee house  into a new house. In this classical, western bee stock it will be much easier to extract the honey.

The relocation of the bee family was not an easy task.

But now they are living in the new bee stocks and we are excited to see how much honey can be produced.  We will keep you updated !

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