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Here at Jiwa Damai we have a wonderful pond with a variety of aquatic life and beautiful water lily’s.  The pond covers an area of 200 square meters and has been an integral part of the atmosphere here since the very beginning of Jiwa almost 14 years ago.

In recent weeks we realized the level of water is going down; first we thought that was due to normal evaporation.  For several days we let water into the pond with a hose, but the water level continued to drop.  After an inspection by local building company we were informed that pond has countless leaks.

Margaret decided that we had to repair the pond even though the project would be quite cumbersome.  First, all the fishes had to be taken out by draining the pool to a lower level and the Balinese staff had to catch them with nets to move them out.  After that the remaining water was pumped out until it was empty.

Our pond before the drain

The pond after the drain

She then hired 12 local women to take all the stones and mud out of the pond.  They worked incredibly hard and at an unseen pace.

Working on the pond

Working on the pond

Lifting the stone

Please visit our blog soon to see what the next phase will bring…

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