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The construction work at our two new Lumbungs is advancing rapidly.

Within a matter of 3 weeks a huge progress can be seen!

Balinese workers building the new Lumbung

These new Balinese houses will turn out beautifully.

A wooden staircase is leading to the ‘top floor’ where our guests will sleep. The ‘ground floor’ will be the living area, a private bathroom is attached to the back of the house.

Inside the Lumbung

We only use natural materials to construct the Lumbungs – wood and bamboo. The walls are made out of  braided stripes of bamboo.

Our guests will enjoy an authentic sleeping experience in the middle of nature.  You will fall asleep to the sounds of quacking frogs and geckos – a truly calming sound and a deeply relaxing environment.

One Balinese Lumbung will accommodate 2-3 persons.

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We are currently constructing two new Lumbungs in our organic garden.

A Lumbung is a traditional Balinese house, made out of bamboo and wood. We build them in an elevated part of our garden, overlooking the pool, right next to the ceremonial garden.

View from the stairs leading to the ceremonial garden

We  offer these Balinese houses to guests, wanting to experience nature closely. These Lumbungs will  offer rural comfort and can accommodate two or threee people each. They are covered with mosquito nets and will have their own private bathroom.

This is our Lumbung Kunang-Kunang. Isn’t that nice?

The two new Lumbungs will look similar to this one……

Sleeping at the Lumbung

The construction started – phase one ……

Phase one of the construction

Laying the foundation for the Lumbung

We will keep you updated on the construction process !

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