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My name is Ketut and I am the head gardener here at Jiwa Damai.

I am responsible for the huge organic permaculture garden with all the variety of tropical flowers, plants and trees.

Today I want to show you my nursery, where we grow the small plants out of seeds.  Once the plants are well nurtured and big enough, we put them out in the open field.

The seeds grow into small plants

The nursery has a roof, to shelter the small plants from the heavy rains. Without a roof they would regularly be destroyed by the down-pouring rains.

Shelter from the rain

We organize guided tours through the extensive organic permaculture garden – stop by and have a look for yourself.

See you soon at Jiwa Damai !

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This Tuesday was busy at Jiwa Damai as 40 students from a local Balinese school visited for a field trip. It was such a pleasure teaching the young children about many of our plants, the importance of organic gardening, and the many different animals and organism we have at Jiwa Damai!

The show started with coconut tree climbing, followed by descriptions of different trees and flowers. During the tour the children taste cocao, coconut, and sugarcane while exploring.
The children also walked around the Mandala Garden identifying different vegetables, and tasting herbs. We also teach them about the importance of composting and recycling, and end the tour with each child planting a sprout in the earth with their hands!

After the tour the children enjoy lunch made at Jiwa Damai with food from the garden! We served them Taro, a root vegetable, which they see before it’s cooked and also when its in the garden. The children enjoy their lunch by the lake enveloped by nature all around them! Butterflies, fish, frogs, and lizards join the kids at lunchtime!

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In our organic garden numerous beautiful flowers and trees and bushes are growing.

We took a walk through the center and photographed some of the most beautiful flowers we have here.

See for yourself!



Beautiful red flower

It is always a pleasure to stroll through the extensive garden. Each time you can detect something new, a new plant growing, another flower blossoming, a cute little animal crawling or flying around. ….



For people interested in the tropical vegetation, we offer guided tours through our organic garden. Just call us and schedule an appointment (min. 3 people).  Our gardener will take you for a walk,  explaining about permaculture and showing you the abundance of the tropical plants and flowers.

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Hello, I am Julia from New Zealand.

One of the jobs I had here at Jiwa Damai was to write the labels for the ceremonial garden. Everything for the garden is labelled in Latin, Indonesian and English so I got to learn a lot about the different plants, and Ketut Badung taught me lots about what the different plants are used for which was super interesting!

Lots of writing! But my Latin and Indonesian have improved a lot 🙂

Finally finished!!




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