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The Tooth Filing Ceremony (Metatah ceremony) is one of the biggest Hindu rituals on Bali. This ceremony is executed by smoothing down the incisor and eye-tooth. The ceremony is performed on young adults.

In the Hindu culture when a person turns 18 he or she is to be considered well on the way to adulthood. To help make this smooth transition from adolecent into the first phase of growing up, the young will have to take part in a teeth filing ceremony

Sugik, one of our appreciated team memebers at Jiwa Damai, had his tooth filing ceremony recently.

Metatah ceremony is aimed to kill six enemies (Sad Ripu) in people who are often considered the enemy within ourselves.
Sad Ripu include:

  • Kama (lust)
  • Loba (greed)
  • Krodha (anger )
  • Mada (intoxication)
  • Moha (confusion)
  • Matsarya (jealousy / envy)

This ceremony is performed on a certain day based on the Balinese calendar.

Sugik after his tooth filing ceremony

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