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Balinese wedding

Gede, our gardener invited us all of Jiwa Damai to his wedding. And what a wedding it was! Here you see the groom and the bride in their incredible festive traditional Balinese clothing and make up. Both are very heavily makeup, as tradition demands. I was told it took five hours to prepare it.


The festivity went from early night the previous day to early morning two days later. About 1000 people were invited and fed throughout this time. (more…)

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Ketut Badung, our head gardener at Jiwa Damai invited the whole team and our volunteers to join him at his village in his compound to attend the wedding of his nephew.

The altar in the background with all the Balinese offerings is made completely our of pork. This was prepared by the whole village and will also be eaten by the village later.
The headdresses of the bride and the groom weigh about 5 kg each.
The clots are very beautiful and elaborate.
Guests come and go all day to bring gifts, mostly some money in an envelope to support the expenses.
This was a wonderful event to witness and a beautiful opportunity to experience Balinese culture.
Terima Kasi!

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