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In our organic garden we have several cacao trees. This cacao fruit is not ripe yet…


When ripe, the skin of the fruit turns a more orange color.

This is a fresh cacao fruit, picked right off the tree.


Picture by lavida rose

After harvesting, we dry the fresh beans. The essence of chocolate are contained in these air dried beans, picked fresh from our organic garden. Packed with very important minerals such as magnesium and iron, the health benefits of raw cacao are immense.

Enjoy them on their own or ground with a little brown sugar, they are a perfect addition to any dessert.


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Here at Jiwa Damai we grow various fruit in the extensive permaculture garden.

Cacao fruit

And this is how the ripe cacao fruit looks inside.

Inside of ripe cacao fruit

We also have several papaya trees.

Homegrown, organic papaya

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