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BALI Internship: Permaculture Through the Heart
May 15 – June 14, 2013
This innovative program blends the core principles of tropical Permaculture gardening with Self exploration from a transpersonal psychological perspective. “Experiencing Permaculture through the heart” presents a unique opportunity to combine class room Permaculture learning with “hands-on” experience, complementing the active physical engagement with the soil with an inner attitude of loving alignment with the earth.
The internship is a combination of personal growth processes, allowing our heart energy to flow into our work with the earth, environment, water, soil, plants and people. This program is the first of its kind, working with the psychological framework of the mind, theoretical Permaculture principles, design and planning, planting, harvesting and food preparation – all in alignment with the heart energy.
“Permaculture through the Heart” is a modular seminar. You can choose if you want to book the entire program or if you only want to book the 1. and/or 2. week.
Join us !
For more information please inquire at: and visit our website
Yoga class at Jiwa Damai

Yoga class at Jiwa Damai

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On our wide-spread premise we house several stone statues made by local Balinese stone carvers.

It is a Balinses tradition and necessity to put up stone figures as well as special offering statues/ places on the entire grounds. These statues are meant for protection and to keep away the evil spirits.

The lion is facing to the east,  guarding the entrances.

Balinese lion guardian

Lion statue

The elephants, female and male are the guardians of the whole place.

Elephant statue

Elephant in the garden

The water goddess is the guardian of the “Home of the Water Angel”, our secluded meditation spot in the midst of lush nature.

Guardian of the meditation spot

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