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In Asia the coconut trees are considered the tree of life. There are many healthy and healing ingredients found in the oil. It is gently processed at below 35 °C, with multiple filtering and without any use of preservatives. It is an ideal health food with many benefits and with a shelf life of over 3 years. It will turn into cream at below 25 °C. Use it on your skin or in your foods and drinks. Our virgin oil contains up to 57% of lauric acid, found in the mother milk enhancing physical health and boosting the immune system. The oil at Jiwa Damai is packaged in glass containers.

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After working hard Kadek, Tyrone from Germany, and Maxwell our American volunteer with Made, the coco nut oil fairy. Today they have been opening lots of coconuts, which we will use to produce our own organic certified coconut oil.
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Both Tyron and Maxwell enjoy a healthy lunch.

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