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Earth Day 2013 on April 21st was a wonderful event, which was made possible through the cooperation of Jiwa Damai and Indonesia Organic.
All in all we counted about 400 visitors to Jiwa Damai, enjoying the various presentations, vendors, games and activities.

The entrance to Jiwa Damai was decorated with posters reflecting our sad state of taking care of the environment.


The booths and activities you entered after the entrance were supposed to show answers to the problems.


In the south building we were showing presentations covering issues from biogas production to meditation.

The meditation area was the place for music and dance performances.




Traditional dance


Visitors watching the dance performance

In addition to the music and dance, we had artists and painters creating and exhibiting their work.


Furthermore we had games for the children, and also the snake man who was playing with different snakes, animating our visitors to touch them as well.


The organization of Earth Day was made possible through the cooperation of Jiwa Damai and Indonesia Organic.
We were supported by over 60 students from a nearby school, helping  us for days to set up, decorate and organize this special event.


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This is a pretty awesome shot of our beautiful Balinese dog Salju.

Salju translates to snowflake 😉


Picture by lavida rose

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Recently we put up five new bee hives in the permaculture garden. We want to produce organic Balinese honey.

Jiwa Damai is a social responsable retreat center. We take great care of our natural environment and constantly try to minimize our ecological footprint. The organic honey being produced in the permaculture garden is an environmentally friendly product.

The bee hives are distributed all over our compound, high up in the trees.

Bee hive up in the tree

These are traditional Balinese bee hives.  They are made out of coconut shells wrapped with palm tree fibre.

Getting attracted by a secret sugar-mixture (we can not tell the ingredients ;-), the bees fly in through the little hole and (hopefully !) start producing honey.

High in the tree, next to the river

We also painted some signs  – so that our guests can spot them on their tour through the organic garden!

Come by and learn more about organic honey production on Bali! Jiwa Damai is located close to Ubud, just a 20 min drive away.  We offer guided tours through the permaculture garden and explain about biological farming and a sustainable way of living. Enjoy the tropical fauna and flora.

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