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In the permaculture garden we also grow basil – Balinese lemon basil as well as western basil.
The land at Jiwa Damai is blessed with fertile grounds – and the basil bushes are growing really well !

Western basil growing at Jiwa Damai

We use the basil to make basil pesto – Today we want to share with you the recipe for our old fashioned basil pesto.

Balinese lemon basil from the permaculture garden

For our flavourful pesto we use the Balinese lemon basil from the garden, combined with stronger flavored Italian basil.
At first all the leaves have to be cut in tiny pieces.

Cutting the basil

Once the basil is cut, we add garlic, olive oil and shredded parsley.
Et voila – the pesto is ready to be eaten.

Basil pesto

Enjoy with fresh pasta !

Selamat makan!

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