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A whole new area is being integrated into our permaculture gardens. We are adding to our planting area another 2.000 square meters.
The area is being terassed, turned over, covered with rice straw, covered again with earth mixed with our special compost and then planted.

New growing area

Presently we have 4 people working on the new fields every afternoon. We should be able to begin planting the first seeds wihtin the next week. Two large tanks will be placed on the downward slope to allow the water to run in the waterways naturally without any further aid.

On this picture you can see the beginning of the creation of our garden labyrinth.

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The potato tower is our latest invention in the permaculture garden.
Since it proved impossible to grow potatoes in the wet soil here at Jiwa Damai, we had to think a bout a different way how to grow potatoes.
We decided to create a tower that is filled with stones, sand and earth, so the water is able to flow through it and thus the potatoes are kept dry.

Digging a hole in the garden for the tower


With a little help from our volunteers...

Our gardeners , together with a volunteer took on the task to dig the whole in the ground, which was needed to place the potato tower. The tower itsself is made out of woven bamboo sticks.

... et voila!

Now our experiment of growing potatoes is ready to start!

We will keep you updated on the progress 🙂

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