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One of the many activities you can take part in while visiting Jiwa Damai is being a guest at a local dance class for children right here in our local village! Our guests and wwoofers enjoy watching the talented children learn and perform traditional Balinese dance. Because the dance is beautiful and unique one of our volonteers inquired about a private lesson with the local dance teacher.

What a special experience! She was so lucky to have this lesson because she was getting a genuine traditional dance class. She loved it so much she has been continuing her classes! This type of traditional dance is not as easy as it looks! The low squat and many intricate movements make this dance very beautiful and also very hard to learn in just one lesson! New movements are introduced such as eye direction, winks, hand twirls, and hip sways! Once you start its hard to stop! The gracious dance teacher enjoys it very much as well as having visitors to her class in the village.

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