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The rainy season has arrived – but these downpouring rains cause us some problems.

Downpouring rain

Due to the incredible powerful rains, our little river swelled to a ripping torrent.
Many trees along the river were uprooted. Those trees which remained standing, lost most of the supportive earth and now their roots are stretched into the air.

River at Jiwa Damai

To prevent other tree losses, the sand bags were placed directly around the roots to prevent possible future torrents from uprooting more trees.

Roots covered with sand bags

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Lately it has been raining a lot here on Bali.

Downpouring rain

The rains come all of a sudden and disappear the same way. The raindrops are warm but sometimes so hard that they destroy our young plants in the gardens.

The waters of the ponds become alive withe the rain drops dancing on it.

Raindrops in the pond

Saraswati our goddess of arts, culture and education remains majestically still, no raindrops can disturb her.

Saraswati in the rain

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