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At Jiwa Damai we are producing many different kinds of dried fruit and vegetables. All produce is from our organic farm, harvested and freshly processed in our raw food drying oven.

Dried Bananas

In our organic garden we grow about 8 different varieties of bananas. Each taste is unique and they are best eaten when not too ripe and the skin is still greenish-yellow. They are gently and slowly air dried in our dehydrator to keep their extraordinary flavor.

banana-02 Kopie

Dried Papaya

Harvested from trees spotting our garden, our papayas are plump and juicy. When dried, the flavor pops and they make a delicious snack for any time of day or a vitamin-packed addition to any meal.


papaya-02 Kopie

Dried Jackfruit

The jackfruit grows high up in the trees and can reach a weight of 10 -12 kg. Once the giant fruit is harvested, opened and its inner fruit compartments separated, the fresh fruit is available to be plucked out, its black stone removed, immediately sliced and gently air dried, thus keeping its fresh and aromatic flavor.


jackfruit-02 Kopie

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Our fertile lands at Jiwa Damai produce delicious tomatoes.

Fresh tomatoes

Since we can not eat all these tomatoes at once, we regularly process them into other products.

We use our fresh tomatoes to make Balinese Sambal.
We already shared our recipe for original Balinese Sambal in one of our older posts. Click here to read the post.

The sambal is cooked and then filled into plastic bags, sealed and frozen.

Balinese sambal

Another option is to dry the tomatoes (with our raw food oven). This is an excellent method to conserve fruit and vegetables.

Dried tomatoes

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