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We hosted a 24 day yoga training retreat at Jiwa Damai organized by School Yoga Insitute, it was a most interesting and intense experience.


About 30 young people training day after day, getting up at 6 am to Meditate, then doing their Yoga postures, getting lectures about anatomy and sutras and much more. Our kitchen was working high speed, providing the vegetarian cuisine and many smoothies and of course, fresh coconut juice.
Yoga 2

It was a pleasure to see so many young people learning and exploring themselves through this training.
They will be back next year and are very much welcome.

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One of the activities we offer to our guests is taking part in a cooking class with our Balinese cook.

From our Balinese cook you will learn about local dishes and ingredients, pick vegetables in our garden and learn how to prepare the dish. We mostly use fresh organic veggies from our permaculture garden.

This is the recipe for our chicken dish.
You’ll need the following ingredients:
Chicken, onion, garlic, ginger, chilli, lemon grass, salt, pepper and oil.

These ingredients are all mixed together and ground. The chicken is plugged into very small pieces, only the white meat is used. The tiny chicken pieces are  tossed into the uncooked herbal mixture and well mixed. Its taste  is utterly delicious.
The chicken is served with rice and veggies.

Organic food

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Our ponds at Jiwa Damai are the home of many fish. Among them are some ten year old carps.


They love to eat Jackfruit and Algae. At night they often jump like dolphins out of the water and land back in the water with a great splash. We do not allow fishing. These carps weigh about 3-5 kg each. They have a gold colored fin on the top and a golden mouth.

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These are just a few of the many beautiful butterflies that live in our gardens at Jiwa Damai.

Butterflies from the Jiwa Damai gardens

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Here at Jiwa Damai we grow various fruit in the extensive permaculture garden.

Cacao fruit

And this is how the ripe cacao fruit looks inside.

Inside of ripe cacao fruit

We also have several papaya trees.

Homegrown, organic papaya

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A new addition to our Permaculture Garden and Retreat Centre is a building which is going to be used to produce our own Bali Virgin Coconut Oil and honey, as well as any other products from our permaculture garden we may develop in the future.

Our coconut house

Coconut house being built

The inside

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Our garden harbours  very powerful roots in the earth. Tapioca the large root you see is used in many Indonesian and Balinese dishes. It can be made into dumplings and chips. The leaves are used as spinach on Bali .


The Taro, the small red roots can be used like potatoes. They are quite starchy.

Both, Tapioca and Taro, carry many nutrients and are delicious to eat.

Peeling Tapioca and Taro

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Coconut Escape

3 days at Jiwa Damai

A health program based on the multiple physical benefits of virgin coconut oil. At Jiwa Damai we produce our own Bali Virgin Coconut Oil from the finest organic coconuts, grown in rich lava soil.

Package includes:

  • 3 nights accommodation
  • Daily Balinese breakfast
  • Two lunches and three dinners, prepared with virgin coconut oil
  • One table spoon of coconut oil with each meal
  • Fresh young coconut water, fruit juices, water and teas
  • 1 Balinese massage with our Bali Virgin Coconut Oil (1x 50 min.) & a flower bath
  • 1 head and hair package with virigin coconut oil
  • 1 meridian health diagnosis by our acupuncturist
  • 1 session ‘Unfolding the Heart Qualities’ with our transpersonal psychologist
  • Daily morning yoga session including heart meditation (45 min.)
  • Guided tour through our organic garden (1 h)
  • 1 hour Internet usage per day
  • Bicycle usage (unlimited)
  • Airport transfers

Price for one person:  IDR 5 640.000 / US$ 660
Price for two persons: IDR 9 030.000 / US$ 1.050
incl. a 5% service fee


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The potato tower is our latest invention in the permaculture garden.
Since it proved impossible to grow potatoes in the wet soil here at Jiwa Damai, we had to think a bout a different way how to grow potatoes.
We decided to create a tower that is filled with stones, sand and earth, so the water is able to flow through it and thus the potatoes are kept dry.

Digging a hole in the garden for the tower


With a little help from our volunteers...

Our gardeners , together with a volunteer took on the task to dig the whole in the ground, which was needed to place the potato tower. The tower itsself is made out of woven bamboo sticks.

... et voila!

Now our experiment of growing potatoes is ready to start!

We will keep you updated on the progress 🙂

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The Penjor is a traditional Balinese decoration made for the Galungan festival. Galungan is a traditional Balinese celebration, similar to a Western Christmas, where families get together.
The Penjor is usually made by the head of the family, and it takes a whole day for the family to put it together.  It is then erected outside each family compound.

Curled bamboo leaves for decoration

Lana and Ketut puting the Penjor together

The Penjor is made and assembled then it is erected in front of the house / compound.

What a beautiful piece of art!

Ketut putting the Penjor up at the Jiwa Damai entrance

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