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Join us for a virtual tour through Jiwa Damai’s huge permacultue organic garden.

Check out the beautiful tropical flowers and plants we have:

Balinese water lilly, opens at night, closes in daytime.

raindrops on tropical flower

Black water lilly from karangasen provence

Hibiscus flower

Orange flower

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In our organic garden numerous beautiful flowers and trees and bushes are growing.

We took a walk through the center and photographed some of the most beautiful flowers we have here.

See for yourself!



Beautiful red flower

It is always a pleasure to stroll through the extensive garden. Each time you can detect something new, a new plant growing, another flower blossoming, a cute little animal crawling or flying around. ….



For people interested in the tropical vegetation, we offer guided tours through our organic garden. Just call us and schedule an appointment (min. 3 people).  Our gardener will take you for a walk,  explaining about permaculture and showing you the abundance of the tropical plants and flowers.

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