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Did you know that the name of the coconut comes from “coco” which means monkey face or “grin” and it was how the Spanish explorers first called it? The scientific name for coconut is Cocos nucifera. The coconut is a plant which favorably grows on the shorelines, it prospers on sandy soils. It prefers rainy and sunny weather, it can’t resist low temperatures. For a propitious growth coconuts also require an area of high humidity.

coconut_open_sfw (more…)

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Last night prior to the departure of our lovely French – Swiss group celebrating in the Indus restaurant and dancing Salsa.

The group spent 10 days at Jiwa Damai, morning sessions with the organizer Karene and afternoons with Margret for introduction to permaculture and much hands on work.


Guests at Jiwa Damai Guests at Jiwa Damai Guests at Jiwa Damai

Join us in October for a complete Permaculture Design Course Through the Heart! 



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Jiwa Damai was awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2015 as a direct result of its consistently great reviews from its guests, being one of the 9% places in Indonesia receiving this award in a highly competitive market.

Jiwa Damai Organic Garden & Retreat is more than a hospitality business. It offers sanctuary in an idyllic, powerful environment, in the heart of Bali where the guests can reconnect to the life-giving qualities of the earth. Travelers can experience tranquility by taking part in yoga classes in the morning and evening meditation.

Jiwa Damai is also a place of personal development and of learning by doing. The garden is opened for the Permaculture Design Courses through the Heart which are organized in October. Through the Lagu Damai Bali Foundation, Jiwa Damai hosts interns who develop personalized projects in various fields under academically qualified supervision.

TripAdvisor used a complex algorithm in order to determine the Certificate of Excellence winners, taking into account the quality, quantity and recency of the reviews offered by the travelers, as well as their rating. The aim of the Certificate of Excellence is to reveal exceptional spots of happiness as recognized by travelers.

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At Jiwa Damai we take care of our garden. A team of 12 people strong began to clean out the area next to our meditation place in order to create a field of vegetables and other edibles. We collected the initial growth of greens, bushes and plants and made them into a large compost heap, which, after a while will be used to cover the earth and render it more fertile.

Garden at Jiwa Damai bali IMG_1718 (1) IMG_1719

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Sadhana Yoga teacher training is into its first week at Jiwa Damai garden and retreat center. A lovely group of young men and women, deeply interested in learning and practicing. Their day begins at 6 am with meditation and ends at 8 pm in the evening.
Having welcomed already several times  their wonderful teachers, Mindi and  Anita, who are facilitating the group, here are some of the photos during morning class.
yoga at jiwa damai 2 yoga at jiwa damai 3 yoga at jiwa damai

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Here is our Karma yoga team from Sadhana Yoga teacher training group getting actively involved in the garden and with garbage clean up. We truly appreciate this very much… Thanks!

yoga at jiwa damai

Find out more about our activities at Jiwa Damai here! Have also a look at our internship program here!

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