Sabine from Austria and Shannon from California are lovingly cleaning our Water Angel and the place on a little island at the end of Jiwa Damai walk ways. They have to use a brush to remove all the algae which settles on the stones and the statue.

volunteers in bali

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At Jiwa Damai we are happy to host many yoga groups who are training in order to become yoga instructors. Here are the lovely thoughts of Mindi.

Jiwa Damai is a place that contains so much radiant beauty. This mystical, magical place is where true transformation occurs. Margret Rueffler, the founder of Jiwa Damai, has dedicated the last 10 years of her life to preparing the land for guests who desire to do the deep internal work. I have witnessed countless people who visited and stayed on the land and who have healed in very powerful ways. I highly recommend a visit to Jiwa Damai for those who are looking for an exploration of the heart and of the Self“, Mindi, our lovely yoga trainer instructor

And this is a surprise song from our February’2015 group.

Our honeymoon couple is taking a cooking class with our Balinese chef, Made. This is one of the programs Jiwa Damai is offering for its guests.

Jiwa Damai cooking

Preparing Balinese chicken, with many different spices, ginger, lemongrass, onion, hot peppers which is then mixed into the finely plugged apart chicken… Then they prepared tempeh with Balinese sambal (spicy tomato sauce). Have a look! Continue Reading »

Balinese wedding

Gede, our gardener invited us all of Jiwa Damai to his wedding. And what a wedding it was! Here you see the groom and the bride in their incredible festive traditional Balinese clothing and make up. Both are very heavily makeup, as tradition demands. I was told it took five hours to prepare it.


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Guests on Kuningan

In June, the Balinese people celebrate the Kuningan, one of the highest holidays in Balinese Hindu Religion. On this occasion, we received the visit of these four lovely youths. Three of them were the children of Wira, our external liaison person and one, the neighbors’ daughter. They looked so lovely all dressed up in their festive ceremonial clothes. The boys with their traditional head dresses and the girls in their little sarongs and blouses with a scarf wrapped around.

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In Asia the coconut trees are considered the tree of life. There are many healthy and healing ingredients found in the oil. It is gently processed at below 35 °C, with multiple filtering and without any use of preservatives. It is an ideal health food with many benefits and with a shelf life of over 3 years. It will turn into cream at below 25 °C. Use it on your skin or in your foods and drinks. Our virgin oil contains up to 57% of lauric acid, found in the mother milk enhancing physical health and boosting the immune system. The oil at Jiwa Damai is packaged in glass containers.

oil bottle

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We tried this wonderful recipe at Jiwa Damai with our very own coconut flower and the taste is delicious!


4 eggs
1/4 cup coconut flour
1/2 banana
1 tbsp honey
1/4 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup water


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