Cleaning the river

Cleaning the plastic from our river in the forest. Every two days, our local team and our volunteers collect the accumulated plastic which is caught in the net we placed across the river. It is then taken to the main road to our garbage container, where a truck picks it up every 2 weeks to take it to the larger landfill.

Cleaning the river at Jiwa Damai Cleaning the river at Jiwa Damai in Bali
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The cacao bean

The precious cacao is contained in a hard shell, which when roasted opens easily and unveils the cacao bean. We are growing now the young trees from the seeds in our Jiwa Damai Garden.

Our volunteers have the opportunity to select their own projects and do their own research. We love to explore and experiment and we are very open to new ideas. Jiwa Damai is a place of learning by doing in our permaculture garden.


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Cacao research

At Jiwa Damai we produce useful research and we share it with the community. The following article is meant as a support for those who wish to learn about cacao, the black pod disease and methods how to deal with it. This article contains a short overview to the  history and the ecology of the cacao, a summary of the cacao plantation in Jiwa Damai and a description of the black pod disease. The article was the work of our volunteer, Cedric Ricci, under the supervision of Dr. Margret Rueffler.


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Cooking together

Cooking together in our kitchen with Margret, our Spanish volunteer – Mariano and our kitchen fairies. At Jiwa Damai, volunteers, interns and guest can learn about the Balinese cuisine.

It is a wonderful experience!


Sometimes the tastiest recipes are the easiest ones to make. This month we recommend you a Cacao & Berry Power Smoothie!


You just need:

2 table spoons raw cacao nibs
1 peeled banana
1 tablespoon goji berries
½ cup of frozen or raw raspberries
1 cup coconut milk or nut milk
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Our founder and caretaker of Jiwa Damai agro-permaculture and retreat center and the Lagu Damai Bali Foundation, Margret Rueffler discovered the art of permaculture 9 years ago. A transpersonal psychologist and therapist, as well as an acupuncturist, it seemed a very organic move to expand from learning to love one’s Self, to uncover the deep love for the earth as a living being.

Permaculture is a wonderful way to ground this deep love for the earth through a hands on approach, coming from the heart, touching the soil, plants and aligning with nature. It offers an intelligent approach to live the values of gratitude, apprecition on a daily basis. Its intelligent design incorporates the expansion from the personal growth to the landscape, buildings, communities as well.
Margret Rueffler

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