Planting pond edges

David, our volunteer from Spain, started mulching the edges of one of our ponds with cut dried grass planting according to permaculture principles, first low plants, watermelon, then tarot, and then bananas.

Permaculture style pond

Francisco, our Portuguese volunteer and Kadek, our Balinese gardener, refining our compost. This compost was produced in the 18 days system to be turned over every 2 days and produces the most marvelous compost to be used for compost tea and our seedlings.

SONY DSC Greatest compost ever




At Jiwa Damai we are planting the seeds in our nursery in our especially prepared compost after the 18 day method which our portuguese  volunteer Francisco took great long care  to turn it over every two days . The result then allows for a wonder nourishment and  growth of the seeds which, after germinating  are then set into small pots made of leafs to continue to grow and then planted in the garden

IMG_0729 IMG_0730 IMG_0732

Volunteer Corner

We’ve decided to provide our volunteers with a nice corner for themselves when they want to retreat. (If we don’t have guests they are welcome to use the lounge., but when we have larger groups the lounge is used for workshop space.) We are building a cupboard, refining the floor space, building a sofa and hanging two hammocks. This is an area where one can relax and make a cup of coffee or keep and eat snacks from the small fridge.

volunteer area

more volunteer area

We have a lovely group of Russian resident kids, coming once a week for several weeks to learn about plants, planting and compost making, they will emulate in their own garden. Age range from 4-8 years and extremely interested in everything. A pleasure to see this.

IMG_20140625_132154IMG_20140625_124805children permaculture

The field laid out in the shape of butterfly wing and border of each field is stable with coconut husk and the rest now being mulch with dry grass for later planting. Here you see our gardener Kadek and our italian long-term volunteer Luca. They both become best friends, the italian teaching Kadek english and Kadek teaching to the italian bahasa while working hand to hand.

Butterfly shape garden

Ni Wayan Eramita is one of our students in her third year of computer programming school. In exchange for working two hours a week at Jiwa Damai, she receives a full sponsorship through the Lagu Damai Foundation.

student with laptop student with can


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